onsdag 13 oktober 2010

Sudan splitting up in two, North and South

There is a risk of further bloodshed in Sudan in the months to come. The southern parts of Sudan, which has been at war with the North and the Government of Khartoum, is staging a referendum to declare independence from the rest of Sudan. There seems to be no indication that a vote would lead to that the South will stay in the Republic, they will probably try to break lose.
The million dollar question is of course if  President Bashir (North) is going to allow for this to happen. The oil, the main income to the impoverised country, is in the South. Sudan is currently providing China with substantial amounts of oil.
There has been evidence of troop movements in the "border" regions in the last few days, and obvious risks that Bashir is trying to force South to stay within the Republic. Will he risk a new war? There was also a clash in Khartoum between the groups just recently.
While this conflict is not directly involving Darfur, there is of course risk that fightings will spill over into that region as well. There is a very fragile peace treaty in Darfur, which is constantly violated. Read more about the issue here: http://www.mg.co.za/article/2010-09-22-international-fears-of-violent-breakup-sudan

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