onsdag 13 oktober 2010

Island states better than mainland Africa

Read a really interesting article in the Guardian http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2009/oct/05/africa-ibrahim-index-governments about a development index called the Ibrahim Index. It was "invented" by a wealthy businessman and philantropist called Mo Ibrahim, that wanted to keep track of the development in the African states in a better way. The index, which is a multi-component index, measure indicators such as safety and security, participation and human rights, sustainable economic opportunity and human development.
The report 2009 (haven't found any info on 2010) shows that it is the Island States that performs best in the index. Mauritus is topping the chart, ahead of the Cape Verde and the Seychelles with the first mainland country, Botswana in 4th place and South Africa in the 5th.
The worst perfomer - no surprise here - is Somalia, way behind even the other bad performing countries. (Chad 2nd & Zimbabwe 3rd from the bottom)

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