fredag 10 september 2010

TOK in Geography

Hi fellow Geographers! We (read I) do not make enough references to TOK in my teaching, which is a shame since there are many possible TOK issues in the Geography syllabus. I would like you to think at classes or cases or notes that you have that could be a TOK-moment. Please post comments on the blog, I think this a good chance to make the subject TOK more understandable.

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  1. I'm not very sure if this is TOK or just ... psychology? But I think the issue of choosing between industrialisation and environment is really interesting. Do we have to choose? Throughout history industrialisation has always been on the cost of the environment, but is it possible to do it any other way?
    The answer is of course no, since we have not used any other way. But that's limiting our thinking right?
    Also, is it our moral duty to force people to be environmental friendly, although this might cause starvation and poverty, to save the earth we live on for future generations?
    Just some thoughts on the matter.

  2. nice blog patick :)


  3. Do you think that this is a good enough Knowledge issue when dealing with the one-child policy: "To what extent can the government anticipate the strain on resources that an additional population of 300 million extra chinese would have had on the country"
    any thoughts on this Knowledge issue? could it be improved?


  4. Hi!
    Marie told me about your blog.

    In my TOK essay I discussed paradigm shifts in geography which can be quite interesting as it defines the way in which we look at the world. I remember writing about plate techtonics as an example since the view on this has changed a lot.

    I hope you're well! I miss our geography classes!

  5. Hi Ida

    Nice to hear from you, you have a good point. I've never considered using plate tectonics, good example Ida! What are you doing now?