måndag 20 september 2010

It's a shameful day...

...to be Swedish! I'm usually a very proud Swede, but today I'm willing to make an exception. Now we're up there with the rest, Danskt Folkeparti, Vlams Blokm, Jobbik and British National Party to name but a few. I think Victor Borge once said that the only thing that is better in Sweden than in Denmark is that Sweden has better neighbours. I used to disagree to the extent that we didn't have any parties with racist ideology in Parliament, but unfortunately that is not true any longer.
I think that is in place to question the value of history. The only thing that we learn from history is that we do not learn from history!
We should probably include SD and its politicians in the debate, let Samuel Älgemalm speak his mind freely, and SD's woters will soon be long gone! The UNHCR last year released a report on the status of migration in the world and concluded that "migration can raise a person’s income, health and education prospects." I'm not saying that everything is friction free, there have been some problems with integration of immigrants into the Swedish society, but this is absolutely the wrong way to go.
We must instead acknowledge the fact that we need our immigrants if we want to maintain a high living standard in Sweden. The populations of Europe are ageing rapidly and need a constant influx of new citiziens since fertility rates are so low.
Unfortunatley in recessions xenophobia is always surfacing! (We should blame Lehman Brothers instead of immigrants) The most flagrant example is of course the stigmatizing treatment of the Romany population in France. It's a slippery slope (thanks Rosie), go after one group and others will follow. I read in the newspaper that Ilona Engquist just passed away, I'm glad she didn't have to experience the day that we had racists in the Parliament.
I would like to finish with saying that I'm hopeful, the truth about Sverigedemokraterna will soon be revealed, and the next election is just 4 years away (or sooner!) Feel free to comment and agree!

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  1. Very well said! I agree completely and hope that people open up their eyes to what an extremist political party SD is, and that they have better sense and more knowledge about them when voting in the next election.

  2. I totally agree!! what a shame!! How can people vote for such thing makes me so angry. SD are just racists!!

  3. Inget annat än fruktansvärt, och så himla sorgligt. Jag trodde verkligen inte detta skulle hända!


  4. Hoppas alliansen eller de rödgröna inte samarbetar med SD. Ner med SD jag skäms för Sverige.

  5. These are the very best politicians, enjoy! ------>http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tQbrogLRTR4